Homescapes Cheats: Unlimited Stars and Coins

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Homescapes Cheats

Homescapes has the character name Austin from Gardenscpaes who return home to find that his parents are going to sell this house. Now you got the last chance to stop that happen by renovating and bringing new fresh life to the old mansion.

Your ordeal is hard but not difficult; you need to clear match-3 type puzzle to push your level ups with game rewards. We will help you with some free Stars and Coins which are the essential game currency to progress. Keep the spirit up Austin the butler!

Features of Homescapes Online tool to get Free Stars and Coins

We proud our self for the first online website which provides free unlimited Stars and coins to Homescapes. This Homescapes online tool is free, and we did not have any age restriction for using this tool. You can use these awesome tools to get free Stars with coins, some of the features of these online tools are as follows:

  • 100% working tool for providing free Stars and coins for Homescapes
  • Free for all age groups and no country restriction
  • Claim your free Stars in your Homescapes account
  • Works seamlessly on all browsers such as Chrome, Firefox, Safari, Edge, etc
  • No download requires
  • Works online to provide free stars and coins
  • 100% free from virus and other malicious files
  • 100% protection for your Homescapes account
  • Over 34890 happy users till now

How to use Homescapes online tool to get free stars and coins

We have formulated this online tool to user-friendly so that all age group people can use this service. You can use this server by following these steps

  • Select the Homescapes Online Tool
  • Put your Homescapes user id in the field provided
  • By default, the proxy is enabled to protect your Game account
  • Now select how many Free Starts and Coins you will require in your account
  • Now click on “get now button” present on the website
  • Check your Homescapes account after 3min time; it will be credited with the desired stars and coins

Why You Should Trust Us

Get working Homescapes Stars and Coins

We have tested more than 24 websites and found out that all were fake which did not fulfill their promise. We have developed an online tool which will give you Unlimited Stars and Coins within 3min of server time.

Safety of Homescapes Accounts

Do not use any website services which claim to provide free spins by breaking into the Homescapes server as that is not possible. Your Homescapes account may be ban if you use those malicious websites. Use our online tool which is safe for your Homescapes accounts.

No Breaking of Homescapes Servers

We proud our self for the first online website which did not break into any server to get free starts and coins. We have developed a website which runs on AI (artificial intelligence) which used an advanced algorithm to get Free Stars and coins for Homescapes game.

No Download required

We did not encourage downloading any files to your computer system as many fake websites are using this technique to install malicious codes through .exe which will compromise the whole system. We encourage to use online tool which did not require any files to be installed in your system.

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Frequently Asked Question

Our online tool works seamlessly with all Android and iPhone without any problem. Check your Homescapes account credit when you use our online tool for free Stars and Coins.

There are many 100% proven methods by which you can earn Homescapes free stars, but if you want to earn free stars within 3min, then you can use our online tool to get these free stars. 

You can use our website for getting unlimited free Coins without spending any real money.

All Homescapes Mod Apk are 100% scam website. Do not install any Mod apk in your Smartphone or it will compromise your personal data.

Homescapes Game Reviews

Homescapes games revolve around the match-3 puzzle and how you renovate your house with game items. There are many games similar to this game but Homescapes fair among those for the sheer powerup and booster.

Tip 1 # Plan you Moves

This game is not free to go, you need to plan your moves, and for effectively clearing all the levels you need to plan three moves ahead in the games. No wonder why maximum people fail is they did not plan their moves before playing the game. Focus and plan 3-moves ahead in the game to clear it up.

Tip 2 # Start clearing from the bottom

One of the most important tips of the game is to start clearing the game from the bottom first as you will get new fresh game items to begin to roll out from the top. If you can match four blocks in the middle and four in the bottom, then go for the bottom piece first to clear the levels fast.

Tip 3 # know your Powerup

You can create powerup when you match four blocks of the same items in Homescapes. You should know how these powerups behave and how useful are these to clear the levels. There is 05 powerups in the Homescapes games which you need to know about.

  • Rocket: Match four cubes in row or column to make a rocket.
  • Bomb: Match five cubes in L share and make a Bomb.
  • Paper Plane: match four cubes in a square shape and make a Paper plane
  • Rainbow ball: if you are able to match five cubes in row or column, then you can get a Rainbow ball which is very powerful and can clear all matching color form the matching board.

Tip 4 # match your Powerup

Do not use your powerup alone, make them combos and use them. You can get more power and can clear the whole board if your combos work wells. Always try to use two powerups and form them combos.

Tip 5 # know your Booster

You should know your booster and use them when it is urgent to clear up the level. Booster is your great friends who will always help you clear any difficult levels. You can purchase booster form Homescapes store with coins.

What is Homescapes Online Tools

Homescapes Game has now claimed more than 100 million installs from Google Play Store. Hail, as one of the best games in 2021, Homescapes now reach more players than any game.

Homescapes game now faces two types of online scams where fake websites or pdf claim to provide free Stars and Coins.

During our online fact-finding research, we have checked more than 38 websites and pdf and all were found fake.

Modus operand, which this fake website gives, is trying to install harmful software or apps into the user system.

Two types of methods employed by these fake websites are 

  • The first method, in this Scam, they try to install artificial/ useless software or apps in the user’s system
  • In this, the second method, they pretend to try to break into Homescapes Server to give free coins.

Facts about Homescapes Online Websites


Avoid using these types of websites, which are harmful code spreaders. These fake websites pretend to enter the Homescapes server to give a star, which is 100% fake.

Consider some of the details before you use these fake websites:

  • No one can compromise Homescapes Server 
  • Homescapes Server works on Cloud System, so it is difficult to break-in
  • One page website or PDF is 100% useless
  • Please, do not provide a user id or password
  • Avoid installing fake apps
  • All online website, PDF which claims to break into Homescapes servers are 100% fake
  • Working website are those which works on Pattern matching
  • Do not use those websites which install any apk or software

Can we find Genuine Homescapes stars providing a website?


You need to find the Homescapes pattern matching website, which works on AI (Artificial intelligence), to give the correct sequence for Stars and coins. 

If you want the latest AI Pattern Matching Homescapes Coins providing a website, then check our website.

Final words

As you all know that game become difficult when you reach Homescapes level 24, level 28 and above, if you really clear these levels then you need to have some Starts and coins in your account which will help in your renovation. You can use an online tool which is the best Homescapes cheats available till now.