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Homescapes Made $420 Million in the First year

When Playrix’s game developer first created Homescapes game, they did not release that they are going to get gold in this game. According to the third part website Sensor Tower, Homescapes made over $420 million revenue in its first year and became the highest grosser of the USA in the matching 3-puzzle category.

With nearly 30 apps churning the same theme and gameplay, Homescapes has begun its journey as a decent player and reach the pinnacle within four months of its inception.

If you believe in the statistics, then sensor tower claims that Homescapes earned $28.5 million in September 2018 along. The biggest share of revenue came from the US and approx. 42% of USA people contributed to the game revenue.

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What is the winning factor of Homescapes?

Homescapes characters are very familiar from other game known as Gardenscape, Where Austin the butler came back to his ancestral house, where he got to know that his parents want to sell that house due to financial difficulty.

Now Austin is known as a fighter who did not give away anything without putting the effort in it, so he decided to take on the challenge and start renovating the mansion.

The game has a unique concept; you need to solve 3-puzzle board game to get game items like starts and coins which can be used to renovate the whole mansion. Now as you start playing the game, you can start building the old rooms, as the game will progress you can open new room and renovate them.

One of the most important game’s items is stars and coins which you have to earn by playing the 3-puzzle board game.

What is a 3-Puzzle board game?

3-puzzle board game is nothing but matching any pattern for 3cube or tiles and get them to disappear from the board. You will be given some task to complete on each level and certain moves, you need to complete them in those moves. If you are not able to complete them, then you need to put one life for the next puzzle to come.

In the 3-puzzle board game, you need to know about a certain basic aspect of the game like a game booster, powerups, and combos, which are basically game items which helps you to clear all the levels.

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Why Homescapes become hit in the US?

Homescapes game has been designed according to US customers; all the design and graphics are mended for us customers. Even all the game items or cosmetics which you will purchase to renovate your house is also from the US, so all the players in the USA feel connected with this game.

Download of Homescapes

Till date, Homescapes has snagged 98 million downloads worldwide, and more than 50 million downloads are formed Google Play Store itself. According to think gaming Homescapes daily estimated revenue is $291,105 with 14,957 estimated daily installs.

So, if you are playing Homescapes then think it as a global leader in term of installs and revenue. Happy gaming!

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