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Homescapes Tips and Tricks to clear all levels

Are you looking for Homescapes tips and tricks to clear all levels with ease?

Well, we have summarized the top 05 Tips and Tricks which you can implement and clear all the levels in Homescapes. These methods are verified and implemented by top players who have cleared all Homescapes levels. If you find it difficult to understand any of these methods, then please comment below.

Tips and Tricks of Homescapes

As Homescapes is a 3-puzzle board game, which means all the method which can be implemented on other games can be used on this game to get most of it. We have summarized the top 05 methods using which you can start clearing all the game levels.

  1. Plan 03 Steps ahead on every move
  2. Thumb rule: Strat clearing from bottom
  3. Use Powerup to clear your levels
  4. Use Combo Power up to clear your levels
  5. Use Booster to clear difficult levels

05 Tips and Tricks to Clear Homescapes

So, let’s check all these methods one by one and clear all difficult levels of Homescapes with ease.

1.Plan 03 Steps ahead on every move

Homescapes works on the chess principle; you need to plan your moves 3-steps ahead so that you will get a power-up or difficult combination which you can clear easily. Most of the players did not think when they start playing the game and stumble when they face any difficult levels.

Always plan 3-step ahead so that you know how many changes are left or when you can get power up with your moves.

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2.Thumb rule: Start clearing from bottom

One of the best tips in 3-puzzle board game is to start clearing the board form the bottom. If you clear the board cubes from the whole bottom rows will get shuffle which gives more opportunity for new combination or powerup. So, whenever you find any matching cubes in the middle or bottom, go for the bottom first.

3.Use Powerup to clear your levels

One of the best game items Homescapes has is powerup which can be made by matching the different combination of cubes of tiles. The powerup is the great levels clearer as they tend to the whole row or column or same color tile form the matching board.

Homescapes has four types of powerup which you can use to clear all difficult levels; they are as follows

  • Rocket
  • Bomb
  • Paper Plane
  • Rainbow Ball

Let’s check all these powerups, how to use them and what we can expect from these powerups in Homescapes game.


If you can match four cubes in a row or column, then you can get a Rocket. As the name indicates, the rocket will clear the whole row or column depending on the set of cubes you have a match to make it.

It will clear the whole row or column with ease and is great level clearer in Homescapes. Rocket is easy to get as you need to pay attention for any four matching cubes and make them in line to get Rocket.


The bomb is another essential powerup in Homescapes which comes when you match five cubes in L shape. The bomb will clear all adjacent cubes in two-Square radius. You need to choose the exact point to explode your game bomb so that it gives the maximum benefits like it will waste its effectiveness if the bomb is in the bottom layer or in the corner.

  1. Paper Plane

Paper plane will appear when you match four cubes in a square. Paper plane is really destructive game items which can clear four cubes above, below, left and right before flying to single cube and hit it. Paper plane works on the game algorithm; it will explore the most important cube after flying.

4.Rainbow Ball

Rainbow ball will appear when you will match five cubes in row or column. It will destroy all the same type of cubes available in the puzzle board. Rainbow ball is extremely difficult to get, and if you need them, you can purchase them as a booster and use them to clear any difficult levels.

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4.Use Combo Power up to clear your levels

Always use combo powerup to clear your levels, now what is combos?

Combos are matching of different powerup together and making them more effective in clearing any difficult levels. All the top players who have cleared the Homescapes game use this tactic to clear difficult levels by using combos in their games.

When you get one powerup in the game, do not use it, wait for the second powerup to show up and when it does then use both of this powerup together to form combo effect.

5.Use Booster to clear difficult levels

Homescapes booster is the essential component of the game, and it is very difficult to get them. There are four types of booster available in Homescapes games; they are as follows

  • Hammer
  • Bomb+Rocket
  • Rainbow Ball
  • Double Paper Plane

If you find any level very difficult to clear, then you can use these boosters available in the game.

Hammer Booster gets unlock when you finish level 8 and will clear one cube or tile form the board without spending a turn.

Bomb+Rocket Booster become unlock after you finish level 14, you need to use them before starting of any level, the game will place them randomly in the game when it starts.

Rainbow Ball Booster become unlock when you finish level 16, you need to use them before the starting of the level.

Double Paper Plane will be unlocked after level 20 and will be placed anywhere randomly by the game when you choose it.

Final words

Well, these are the top 05 tips and tricks of Homescapes which you need to implement in your game to clear all difficult levels present in your game. We hope that you clear all levels with ease if you find any level very difficult to clear then use a booster to clear them.

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